CyanogenMod Reveals New Browser

Android users generally tend to get bored by the interface of the phones and adopt customization and CyanogenMod is for such users. What lacked for them was the connect to the internet. Say hello to Gello!

For the Official reveal video click here.


Being an android user for the past 4 years i know the boredom i have gone through and CyanogenMod has come in very handy as the perfect alternate for android. CyanogenMod was launched exactly on the principle that customization is the key to the perfect user interface. The CM Team has reiterated the principle by recently revealing their open-source browser based on Google’s Chromium  browser.

With the first set of looks, it seems like a replica of the Chrome. But the designers have set Gello apart with certain features that will certainly catch the eye of the geek.The features may include an offline reading mode, immersive and night modes, site-by-site settings for privacy and security and the ability to save downloads in a preferred location and name files before saving them. With the initial revealing (Done through a YouTube video) it was also mentioned that the Gello may or may not have the mentioned features in the final release. But the name CyanogenMod has in the market, it is surely to surprise us.

The sad part is that the older devices wont be able to run Gello because of smaller storage partitions. The CM team confirmed that Gello will be released for a future CM Rom. As for now there is no date set for the launch of Gello.


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