YUFit and HealthYU For A Fitter YOU!

Long gone were the days when you would have to guess the calories burned and then plan for the day ahead. A flat tummy would never be achievable that ways. Then came the revolution called fitness bands!

Micromax has taken the mobile markets by storm with it’s low priced mobile handsets and flash sales organized on Amazon. Though am not a big fan of such flash sales, the company is doing pretty well. It launched the flagship model – Micromax Yureka and it did very well and continues to be out of stock.

It’s sister mobile handset Micromax Yuphoria was recently launched and along with it came a surprise package. Micromax launched a fitness band called YuFit and a health-focused smartphone accessory, HealthYU.


YUFit band is essentially a dongle that fits into a wrist band and tracks your steps, sleep, distance walked and calories burnt. It works in tandem with your smartphone (connects via Bluetooth) and the YUFit app that displays all the fitness statistics. In addition to the fitness features it also sports an OLED display that shows the time, incoming calls and message notifications and also has a ‘find my phone’ button. The band is water-resistant.

YUFit app has been made in partnership with HealthifyMe, a startup in which Micromax has made an investment. The app lets users input the food items they consume and track their calorie intake. The app also has a database of Indian dishes and connects users with fitness experts for guidance. YU is offering free personal trainer to the first 1,000 customers who buy the band.


HealthYU is a cassette-shaped accessory that connects to smartphones through Bluetooth and can be attached to the back of the phone. Users can measure a number of health stats including ECG, skin temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate and blood pressure. It also works in tandem with the HealthYU app and users can share stats with their doctor and friends. Both devices are compatible with Android smartphones.

YUFit band is priced at 999 INR and HealthYU is priced at 4,999 INR.


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