Snowflake In A Cup

18 long years. And still counting.

A cool, wintry breeze swept right across the patio as my fingers tightened around the cup of coffee. As I took a sip from the cup, my mind went berserk with memories from the past. The snow was falling like raindrops- swiftly yet seeming to being stopped in time. I remember how we first met- she really did not have any sense of whatsoever happening around her. Unimaginable it is to me. Short yet sweet. That is how I remember the first meeting. I sipped again- only this time the beverage was colder yet somehow sweeter, reminding me of the tender kisses and sweet nothings we shared. Years passed on and I began to see someone who I thought was the closest definition to the word “God”. Maybe no. Much more. I heard a small rumbling in the kitchen and a smile embraced my face as I allowed my head to fall back in a small giggle of sorts. When starting out I never thought my world would come to be this small. Yet hold so much that I cannot fully comprehend. Never thought that I would be sitting so carefree sipping coffee and feeling warm from inside. Never thought life would be like such a dream. I heard the patio door creak and she held my eyes from behind and snuggled up to me. “What is so good about winters?”, she asked. I took her hands, made her sit next to me and whispered in her ears, “Maybe nothing. Let’s find out.” Her laughter reminds me of everything we are. Lovely. Wonderful. Complete, most of all. The phone began ringing and she ran inside. I walked to the edge of the patio and looked up to the sky. I raised my cup to my lips, just to find the coffee finished. Just then a snowflake dropped down and settled perfectly right into my cup. Melting in the warmth. I smiled.

I love you Adya.


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