Time Lapse (2014) Review

Don’t get caught at the window.

Time-Lapse-2014-movie-posterLanguage: English
Directed by: Bradley D. King Written by: Bradley D King
BP Cooper Starring: Danielle Panabaker
Matt O’Leary
George Finn

Release dates: April 18, 2014 (BIFFF)
Running time: 104 minutes



Time Lapse explores the possibilities of time travel through a machine that is capable of taking pictures 24 hours into the future. When three friends discover this mysterious machine in their neighbor’s apartment, they encounter a number of pressing questions, not least of which is the whereabouts of their neighbor. Realizing the potential impact of the machine, Finn (Matt O’Leary), Jasper (George Finn), and Callie (Danielle Panabaker) attempt to cash in on their discovery.

My Take:
The movie is a low budget movie and it clearly shows. But that being said the plot is somewhat different from the usual time travel flicks. Being someone who has watched a lot of the take-me-to-the-future-and-back shitload, I can assure you that this movie will not disappoint you. The ending was a surprising one and is a fitting end to a consistent performance throughout. Music, editing and casting may not be Oscar-deserving (remember, low budget?), but special mention should be made about cinematography and direction.

Rating: 4/5

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Time-Lapse-Danielle-Panabaker/dp/B00XR39WKQ
Torrent Link: http://kat.cr/time-lapse-2014-720p-brrip-x264-yify-t10715005.html


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