OnePlus 2 (Review)

After the immense success of OnePlus One all over the world, the onus as on the company to raise the bar ,focus on the mistakes and deliver a new, revised handset.  The new handset named “OnePlus 2” was launched on 11th August worldwide to much anticipation. Let us look at the handset and list out its pros and cons.


Unboxing Image


  • More of a metal finish.
  • Easily removable back panel unlike OP1.
  • 3-Stop Notification Slider.
  • USB Type C charging port.
  • 4GB of LPDDR RAM
  • Fingerprint Scanning.


There is improvement in the processor segment and now comes with a Snapdragon 810 processor combined with a 4GB of LPDDR4 (Low Power Double Data Rate) RAM. Simply put, the phone blazes! It makes light work of anything that you have. Multi-tasking is very sweet on the device. The screen is a full HD unit and is visibly a very nice upgrade from the previous version. High brightness and contrast settings are very pleasing to the eye.

Verdict : ★★★★☆


You could shoot the best picture on the worst of camera days you come across with the camera on this device. It is my favorite feature of this headset. With Optical Image Stabilization and AF Laser System, it is well above the rest. Night shooting abilities have improved drastically with reasonable sharp and detailed photos shot even at an ISO of 5000. But the pre-installed camera app is shitty. You should install one from the Store. Suggested apps : Open Camera, Candy Camera.

Verdict : ★★★★☆


The case of mobile companies releasing their flagship OS based on Android 5.1, in my opinion, is a very bad choice because the OS clearly shows resemblance and loses originality. OP2 comes with Oxygen 2.0 based again on Android 5.1 and it is a sucker. It is basically a stock Android with almost nil customization options. It’s like same old same old. Nothing new. Even though you have the option of installing whatever ROM you want without voiding your warranty, the joy of a phone is most when unpacked. Still would prefer a OP1’s Cyanogen to OP2’s Oxygen.

Verdict : ★★☆☆☆



Yes, the phone is a pretty decent upgrade from OP1. But there is work to be done. The pros only slightly outweigh the cons. On one hand you get 4GB LPDDR RAM but on the other hand you have very crappy UI. Packed with a full HD display yet has no 2K capability, which should be present in a “flagship killer”. The type C USB port is new too which means you will have to carry the charger with you at all times. No more using the friend’s connector. I am not a fan of the squarish looking phones either but that is a matter of preference. The OP2 is far from perfect yet it is a mobile with the best features in it’s price range at the moment. You have other options like Zenfone 2 (with really dismal camera quality) and Note 3 (priced around 28K INR). Options still worth considering if you could give up on the storage front a bit, is the Nexus 6.

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