How To Disable App Notifications (Android)

I was online shopping last week and afterwards after closing all tabs, expected the ordeal to be over. But alas! Bombardments from Flipkart and Amazon about their “Fashion Week” or “Electronic Bazaar” ruined by much needed rest. We all have that one app that unnecessarily pops up with notifications which are not needed.  Let us see how to disable them and not let them appear in the notification area.

Personally speaking I found it pleasing to have no notifications at all. (Loner? No, I have a girlfriend suckers!)


Go to your phone’s Settings. (Found from the  notification area or from the app drawer.)Screenshot_2015-08-25-09-59-03


Scroll Down to your Application Manager page. It may also be listed down as “Apps”.Screenshot_2015-08-25-09-59-22


Find the application for which you want to switch off the notifications. Here I will show for the Flipkart application. You can do it for any application like Instagram, Facebook etc.Screenshot_2015-08-25-09-59-29



Uncheck the “Show Notifications” button. Screenshot_2015-08-25-09-59-36

And voila! Here you go, you would not receive any notifications for this particular app. If you are expecting some notification you want to really look up, be sure to check the “Show Notifications” button again.


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