Dining Etiquettes

Ever wondered why do some people appear well mannered at all times? You don’t? One of the best place to show off your manners are dining venues ! Here are some tips that are a must if you wanna make an impression.

1. Lay a napkin
Always use the napkin they place along with your plates. It’s not there as a show piece it is meant to be used , from the very second the food arrives. place it on your lap or attach it well on your collar. It is there to protect your clothes from all spills.

2. Don’t Talk :
Never talk when you have food in your mouth. In fact talking while eating must be avoided. If it is necessary to talk then keep it minimal. Also , remember that it is best that you talk while your hands don’t hold any cutlery.

3. Don’t Stuff Your Mouth :
Take small bites. Never stuff your mouth with food.

4. Learn How To Use the Right Cutlery :

You might be taken by surprise if chopsticks are placed in front of you. So prepare your self in advance. Learn when to use what. There are a variety of spoons , plates , forks , etc. it is essential to learn their correct usage.

5. Dress Appropriately :
No , wearing a tiny skin tight out-fit is not what is appreciated. Dress according to the occasion.

6. Don’t Be Stuck Onto Your Gadgets :
Whatever you are carrying be it your phone , I-pod , camera , etc. let it be where they are you need not flash it around or use them on the table. If at all you have to as it is essential then , excuse your self from the table and attend to the call or text. On your arrival to the table thank your companions for waiting for you.

7. Be Polite :
Always ask your companions to order first and in case they have a difficulty in choosing help them out. If the place is new to you too then ask the staff members to assist you.

8. Don’t Be Loud :
Keep you tone within limits , your actions too. You don’t need to be over expressive or move around a lot. Be aware of your movements don’t let your hands be in mid air. Don’t laugh loudly either. After all you don’t want to be the center of attention of everyone in the surroundings.

9. Don’t Yell WAITER ! :
If you’re not being attended to then wait to make eye contact with him or else raise your index finger to catch their attention. If that doesn’t seem to help stand up go to them and ask for assistance.

10. Pay Time :
If you’re the host then you must always fix the deal with the cashier. You must inform them way in advance that you’ll be paying and no information of the bill is to be given out. Splitting the bill is also a good option.

11. Explain In Conveniences :
You need not yell or be arrogant to the staff you could politely explain what the problem is , be it the food was sub standard or what has been served was not what you ordered. Whatever the issue be polite.

12. Clean – Up :
Wipe your mouth and hands properly after you’re done eating.


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