The little pleasures

He leaned back into the chair, tired and exhausted. The chair creaked a bit under him but the sound was not convincing enough for him to ease the pain on the chair. Closing his eyes, he remembered her. She wasn’t that far. Some 7000 odd kilometers. But distance didn’t really matter for him. After all, he had spent the first few months of their relationship loving a picture of her. Loving her voice over the phone call. That’s what he had started loving. Not the real person, but the sound and sight of her.

He woke up from his momentary disconnect from the outside world and scratched his head, feeling a bit odd. He knew its just a few more months. But the thought of her not being with him just killed him. It was all about the small things, the small pleasures that just lit his face, even in the face of the toughest of diversities.

The times she used to just pull his cheeks and ask him what he had for dinner, it meant the world to him. Not because he really cared about what he had for dinner, but because he knew that when there would be a day he won’t eat, she would feed him, without any hesitation. The times she used to drop by just to say hello, it meant the world to him. Not because he really cared about the one-word greeting per se, but because he knew that even when he would be lonely and sitting in a corner, she would lift his chin up and ask him how he was. The times she used to fight with him for not texting him, it meant the world to him. Not because he was thrilled to hear her shout, which did make him blush and smile most times, but because he knew that one day, everyone would leave, but not her.

He smiled. Although some things were missing, not everything was gone. Even when they had nothing, they were together, strong and sturdy in their faith. Most days were spent crying in front of their picture. But not today. There was a weird sense of calm in him. A calm which resembled the tranquility of the sea after a strong storm. A calm which felt like the quietude of a baby sleeping. Why? Because he knew it won’t be long, before he could see her, talk to her and tell her about what he had for dinner, what he did during the day and why he didn’t text her.


Show appreciation!

I was just sitting today missing my boyfriend. I thought of how lovely a human being he is and felt so restless. You would wonder why restless? Simply because most of the times I overlook all that he goes through because of me. Things he doesn’t say, emotions that are never expressed, efforts that appear to be effortlessly made and what not. Then I thought to myself it’s not about just me everyone around me overlooks such things every single day. When we were small and someone would simply give us a sweet it would make our day or maybe a line of appreciation would brighten our mood for days. Though over the years we let go of happiness of such small things. Work done out of love seems so usual to us and goes unappreciated. Hugs and kisses mean so little and are more like a routine. Whereas, the same hugs and kisses mean so much that it can fill your soul with emotions. What happened to smiling at your loved ones? Asking them about their day and comforting them? Adjusting to other people and stop wanting things to be only your way? What happened to being generous and not self-centred? Take some time off for those who love you and those you love. Those who matter must feel appreciated and loved. If you fail to make them feel so you really are loosing on a lot in life. They are the ones who will stand by your side always, your support system. More than anything smile be happy about whatever you have and about how beautiful a person you are.

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Never on Time Boyfriend?

Have a boyfriend who’s never on time? So he tell you I’ll be there by 1:00 p.m. and ends up by 2:30 p.m.? You’re not alone we’ve all had our time! So here are a few things you can do to keep things smooth.

1. Understand : yes, you’re the one who needs to understand why’s he being late most of the times if not always. If it’s just you or does he have a valid reason behind this.

2. Talk : if you fight or quarell there’s no point. Sit down and have a calm conversation with him as to why is he never on time. Once you know both talk things out you’ll have a clearer picture as to how you both can move things forward.

3. Schedule : it might sound a little too mechanical or mundane but believe me this is awesome once you get into the habit. Make a schedule for yourself and ask your boyfriend about his. Once you both have that in place, see where all you can place ‘us time’ into. These slots would be perfect for both of you and he won’t get a chance to make an excuse either.

4. Late Again? : even after all of this he’s late and you hate him for this. Accept this. Crazy? Yes, that’s how relationships work. If this is the only annoying thing about his and the rest is just fine, accept this habit of his and keep yourself busy with something or the other. There are some traits you simply cannot change about people. So love them for how they are, adapt.

5. Excuses : if this is not the only complaint you have from him, it’s time you check who you’re with. If he makes excuses for every other thing and you have no clue why, you must understand you’re not that important to him. That’s a situation that you must control before it’s too late.

I hope these points help you be happy or atleast adjust. Remember, I never meant ‘Let him take you for granted’.

How To Disable App Notifications (Android)

I was online shopping last week and afterwards after closing all tabs, expected the ordeal to be over. But alas! Bombardments from Flipkart and Amazon about their “Fashion Week” or “Electronic Bazaar” ruined by much needed rest. We all have that one app that unnecessarily pops up with notifications which are not needed.  Let us see how to disable them and not let them appear in the notification area. Continue reading