To explore the ups and downs of our taste buds and to give them as special treat.

  • Tandoori Chicken Recipe - Having guests over and you’re racking your brains over what to cook for them? Tandoori Chicken is one of the best options I’d say. Be it kids or grown ups no one says no to Tandoori Chicken.
  • Chocolate Souffle Recipe - This is among my top favourite desserts. It is easy to prepare and tastes heavenly. A good recipe for any ocassion and is effortless to make.
  • Chilli Chicken (Gravy) - Who doesn’t like this dish? None. This is a mouthwatering dish and you’ll love every bite of it and I have no doubt about that.
  • Long Island Iced Tea - It is time to beat the heat yet again. For all the adults this cocktail is sure to be a hit. It’s like the drink every one would have had and missed it over the years. So bring back the nostalgia.
  • Chicken Wings Recipe - This is one totally scrumptious appetizer that doesn’t grow old. It tastes best with buffalo chicken wing dip / blue cheese dip / tangy cheese dip / ketchup. Serve it hot and you’re sure to be loved by all.
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Having kids over for dinner? Or your kid’s birthday party? For them this would be a super – hit as no kid says no to sweet indulgence! This is one of the best smoothies we all have had for breakfast but still can’t say no to it !
  • Beef Stew Recipe - My mouth waters when I say the name of this dish because that’s how delicious I find it ! This one’s with a gravy as that was the missing element in the meal and a gravy is a must !
  • Egg Noodles Recipe - Mom’s cooking beef today! Nothing goes better with a beef stew than egg noodles. So here it is ! Make everyone on the dining table slurp and fill their bellies with beef and egg noodles as we all know nothing can beat that taste !
  • Chocolate Brownie Recipe - All time favorite chocolate brownies would be great to end the meal with. Chocolate would fill the empty spaces in everyone’s tummy’s ! Making them glow with the happiness that chocolate gives everyone.
  • Dining Etiquettes - Ever wondered why do some people appear well mannered at all times? You don’t? One of the best place to show off your manners are dining venues ! Here are some tips that are a must if you wanna make an impression.
  • New Blog - Check out our new blog. He writes about Economics and Banking. Subscribe! Comment!


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