On the constant lookout for randomness, we often stumble upon the beauties of life. With articles on anything and everything, this section would be your treasure of randomness. Be on the lookout!

  • Picture Perfect - He said picture perfect , all it reminded me was of us.
  • July the 4th Meal For Your Family - “Even though I’ve been born in another country I feel I have been an American since day one ” Wish you all a Very Happy Independence Day. Am sure every American would want to celebrate this occasion to their best of abilities. Am sure you would be having guests over so here is a meal … Continue reading July the 4th Meal For Your Family
  • The Bench - “For years to come we could always sit here and laugh and smile, maybe cry even.”
  • Snowflake In A Cup - 18 long years. And still counting.
  • Philosophy and Logic - Philosophy and Logic. Like 2 babies from the same womb. Like 2 faces of the same coin. Logic, in its fullness, is a perquisite in understanding Philosophy. Without logic philosophy principles cannot be explained and in the same way, philosophy substantiates the logic and reason of humans- the pillars of the great castle we have … Continue reading Philosophy and Logic
  • Managed Care and Scenario in India - Over-expensive healthcare plans providing no service at all? Reduced efficiency? Worry over the healthy future of your family? Look no further.
  • Catharsis - As an infant sticks out his hand from the mother’s bowels, Till he breathes the whiff of Mother Earth, clad in his bloody towels, As the cornered fowl cries out for aid, Till she spreads her pennons and flies, Finding the horizon and beyond to fade.
  • Research And Its Types - Today we will dive into and find out what research is and what are it’s different types. To reach for the branches of a tree, you have to at first get a grasp of the bark itself. Similarly one needs to know what research is before leaping onto its types.
  • Juvenile System In India - The Date was December 16 2012. Place- Munirka in South Delhi area. India has never seen a more brutal rape assault on a woman in its so called illustrious history. The sad part was one of the accused and later on convicted person was a teenager. Surprising?
  • New Blog - Check out our new blog. He writes about Economics and Banking. Subscribe! Comment!


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